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You can’t stop spring on Roosevelt Island. Pandemics, stupid politics, sorrow — none block the awakening. Pictures prove our point.

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By David Stone

All things local: Roosevelt Island Daily News

Out from months of wretched news, we pull the best from the mess and celebrate spring on Roosevelt Island.

And in 2020, the oddest season most of us will ever see.

Flowers, Sportspark
Sportspark’s closed until who knows when, but you can’t stop spring. Flowers burst forth along the Z-brick path, still welcoming visitors who can’t go inside.

Nature’s Message: We weren’t informed.

A sure sign of spring on Roosevelt Island

Canadian Geese, Southpoint Park
The first new family of Canadian geese explored and snacked on a sunny afternoon

A family of birds, two parents and four still downy goslings, are as sure a sign of the season’s awakening as you can find.

Visitors, Four Freedoms Park, Spring 2020
Smart visitors social distancing in FDR Four Freedoms Park. Shade from the trees, still skeletal.

But look more closely, the full burst of fresh seasonal green is ready.

Spring Roosevelt Island 2020
You can’t stop spring. Green leaves uncurl from winter’s protection along the rows framing Four Freedom’s meadow.

What to expect when spring fully unfolds on Roosevelt Island…

Here’s the promise. Green will accent the park and welcome visitors again. Kite Flight for Peace may have special meaning in 2020. In recovery. Note: The pandemic turned out worse than we expected. We missed out on Kite Flight in 2020, but the conservancy now has firm plans for 2021.

But nothing tells this story like new life and loving guidance…

First Gosling, 2020, Southpoint Park
Youngsters takes advice from Mom, learning about life, first time around.

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