Roosevelt Island: Love Song In Photos by Tad Sudol

A Roosevlt Island Photo Essay

by Tad Sudol

For a Roosevelt Island photo essay, Tad Sudol reacted to a community on Pause by hauling out his camera and artist’s eye, recording favorite views.

There’s a tradition of photographers freezing history through the lens. It gained momentum during the Great Depression, capturing unforgettable images of a world in crisis.

Today, the coronavirus crisis threatens to equal that disaster, but Sudol brings a hauntingly beautiful look at the local scene on Roosevelt Island.

All photographs © Tad Sudol. All rights reserved.

Roosevelt Island Contrasts
Nature contrasts the abandoned city skyline in Southpoint Park.
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms peaked early, but few were around to appreciate the seasonal graces.

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Dogwood Trees, Coler Hospital
And dogwoods sung a song of spring awakening outside Coler Hospital on lockdown, expanding to meet the crisis.
Roosevelt Island Photo Essay, Socrates Park
For his photo essay, Tad Sudol looked across the East River to Astoria. Socrates Park and its art were also empty.
The Sanctuary
An historic church, converted into The Sanctuary, balanced colors in rebirth.
Dogwood Blossoms
In this frame, PS/IS 217 plays backdrop.

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Tad Sudol’s Roosevelt Island Photo Essay Continues

A dog out for a walk
On the plus side, Roosevelt Island’s dogs got longer, more frequent walks. And some dressed up.
Cornell Tech
Appreciating Cornell Tech’s Phase One architecture, a lyrical symphony, just begun.
Skyline: Roosevelt Island Photo Essay
From Southpoint, the skyline looked the same, but it hides a now quiet city, buildings empty, inactive streets.

Roosevelt Island is Parks

Canadian Geese
But nature was not on pause. Canadian geese pair up for the spring ritual.
Social Distancing, Southpoint Park
Sudol found few people for his photo essay on Roosevelt Island, but when he did, they kept their six-foot separations.
Cherry Blossoms
In 2020, Cherry blossoms could not welcome crowds on the way to a festival in FDR Four Freedoms Park.

Art as architecture on Roosevelt Island

Bloomberg Building, Cornell Tech
Architect by trade, artist at heart, Sudol exposed art that exceeds function for this photo essay. The Bloomberg Building, Cornell Tech Campus, Roosevelt Island.
Roosevelt Island Photo Essay: Western Shore
A sunny midday on Roosevelt Island’s western shoreline, graceful but strangely without people.
Blue Skies over the pier
Blue skies, delicate clouds and skyline framed by a lamppost on the pier.
Bicycles and a solo rider take advantage of the pier on Roosevelt Island.
A lonely island in bloom.
Upper East Side from Roosevelt Island
Manhattan’s Upper East Side skyline from the empty West Promenade in morning light.
The first plinth
Plinth Dedication
Two years ago, on a warm morning, Sudol teamed up with RIOC, adding The First Plinth to the Island of Art tour. For this photo essay, Sudol went inland for a graphic view.
Tom Otterness sculpture, East River, Roosevelt Island
Finally, an ironic view, Tom Otterness’s East River Sculpture completes this Roosevelt Island Photo Essay.

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