Roosevelt Island April 2020

Roosevelt Island in Pictures, April 2020

Roosevelt Island, April, 2020, a visual gift for our friends isolated at home or away in the first week of the coronavirus shutdown.

By David Stone

Twelve months ago, monster crowds filled Roosevelt Island for the Cherry Blossom Festival. What a difference a year makes…

In April 2020, with New York under social distancing, crowds were memories. Many of us got out when we could, but more stayed home, isolated by COVID-19.

We’re sharing some photos from the first week of the coronavirus shutdown, for the record, for the pleasure of being here…

Roosevelt Island, April 2020, In Pictures

Cherry Blossoms, April 2020
The cherry blossoms with fewer admirers, this year.
Pony Field, Roosevelt Island
There were no ball games, but Pony Field greeted early spring with grass that survived an easy winter.
Rainy Day, West Promenade
It’s April, and we had showers. Traffic along the West Promenade thinned for a day.
Meditation Steps, April 2020
Social distancing in force, but the Meditation Steps welcomed visitors in sunshine.
Floral Display, Roosevelt Island, April 2020
Early flowers were out.
Social Distancing, Cornell Tech Campus
As Cornell Tech’s meadows turned green in April 2020, social distancing honored.
The Pier on the East River
Social distancing along The Pier, Roosevelt Island, April, 2020.
Cherry Blossoms, West Promenade
Last year, picnickers and festival goers jammed this walk, but this year, a quiet retreat.
Solo boxing, West Promenade
Gyms closed, but solo exercise was smart along the West Promenade.
Island House colorful balcony.
A colorful balcony at Island House, ready for spring and summer.
April 2020, Migrating Birds Near Roosevelt Island
Did migrating water fowl honor social distancing in the East River?
Affordable housing, 460 Main Street
A rose by any other name. Hudson Related says it’s “Reduced Rent,” but it’s the affordable housing residents wanted at 460 Main Street.
RIOC Red Bus in the Rain
RIOC’s crews stayed strong during the coronavirus crisis. Red Buses kept their regular rounds, even in the rain.
Four Freedoms Park Gate
FDR Four Freedoms Park welcomed visitors, but a guard limited access to assure social distancing.
East River, Roosevelt Island, April 2020
Roosevelt Island, April 2020, the East River reminds us, change is inevitable, and “this too shall pass.”

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