Cornell Tech Battles COVID-19


Cornell Tech’s 3D Printers Join the Fight Against COVID-19

Cornell Tech battles COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, wisely and creatively on multiple fronts. Here’s how.

Reporting by David Stone

3D Printing Saves Lives

In its latest deep dive into improving lives during the coronavirus crisis, Cornell and its Roosevelt Island Tech campus, broke ground with 3D printed face shields.

3D printing, a Cornell Tech specialty, needs explaining. It sounds sci-fi, but it’s basic manufacturing, aided by computer designs.

3D printers build three-dimensional objects from a computer-aided design (CAD), adding material layer by layer. This is also known as “additive manufacturing.”

Aiding a grassroots effort, deans from campuses on Roosevelt Island and in Ithaca won permission to fire up 3D printers to make face shields. Faculty and staff are “essential workers.”

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Machines now pump out an estimated 400 face shileds a day. The Cornell Campus-to-Campus bus delivered the first shipment to Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, last week.

Cornell’s 3D shields fully protect the faces of medical workers.

In depth: Designing During Crisis/Designing with Empathy

In a recent podcast, Cornell Tech MakerLAB Director Niti Parikh joins Chris Gassman’s The Market and the Good in a conversation.

She addresses the question: “How do we all cope in a crisis? As a parent, educator, maker, designer my coping mechanism responded by getting involved in ‘creative re-thinking.’”

Both Parikh and Gassman are Roosevelt Islanders. Give a listen here.

Stay in touch with all things local: Roosevelt Island News

Cornell Tech Also Battles COVID-19, Helping Seniors

In the first week of the coronavirus shut down, Cornell Tech students stepped up. They quickly offered “… virtual tech assistance to Roosevelt Islanders who are 60+ and might need some help at this time.”

The students help seniors with tasks like signing up for prescriptions online and handling cellphone settings.

For free.

Contact, if you need help.

The café @ Cornell Tech sticks with the community

While some food service businesses made the tough choice to close until the crisis passes, Cornell Tech battles COVID-19, keeping its popular café open.

café @ Cornell Tech battles COVID-19
Fresh, healthful menus still created weekly.

“Still here with the community” is a motto shouted loud from the Cornell campuses. As much as they’ve invested in New York City, that’s magnified by hanging in there when times are toughest.


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