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New York’s Coronavirus Turmoil


New York’s coronavirus turmoil zoomed into hyperspace. Mayor Bill de Blasio closed public schools and hit restaurants, reversing positions held a day before. Guess why.

How politics blindly fuel New York’s coronavirus turmoil…

By David Stone

Pressure from Governor Andrew Cuomo, pushed himself by big unions, tipped the balance, and the mayor flipped. He weakened, veering off into deception to justify the radical switch.

We also needed to figure out if there was some way to come up with alternatives for our kids to give them some kind of distance learning to make sure that those kids, particularly of health care workers, transit workers and first responders, that if they needed a physical location, we could set up something. We did all that. 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio
MSNBC Morning Joe, March 16th, 2019

Well, Bill, no you didn’t. That was a lie, and you made it knowing it was untrue.

No such physical locations have been set up, and given the closing of public libraries, there are now fewer than ever.

New York Coronavirus Turmoil turns Manhattan dark.
The lights are going out in New York in the turmoil of the Coronavirus pandemic. Fine Art Photo by Deborah Julian.

Connections: Poverty, Air Quality, Racism & COVID-19 Deaths

And why rush anyway?

The virus isn’t spreading rapidly as critics claimed.

de Blasio said 25,000 iPads will be distributed “in the coming weeks,” leaving it open ended. But there are 300,000 kids who need them.

The same “We did all that” claim shows up in the 700,000 poor kids who will not get two free meals every day. Going to “grab and go” on 24 hours notice is not a plan. It’s panic.

All this heated up New York’s coronavirus turmoil after South Korea has already shown that a less drastic approach is more effective.

Cuomo and de Blasio had a choice between China’s harsh, civil rights denying hammer and South Korea’s open democracy. If you’ve watched Cuomo long enough, you know he’s not big on democracy, but de Blasio’s folding was a disappointing surprise.

Both picked the Chinese hammer.

Cuomo’s blunt instrument approach to governing…

Without enough planning and with little thought about damages, immediate as well as permanent, Cuomo made de Blasio the next Andy Byford.

Except that Bill showed less integrity and mislead with ease. Byford couldn’t do that and quit. But Bill took a big bite and swallowed.

Fueling New York’s Coronavirus Turmoil With a Heavy Hand

Dear Andrew, The Coronavirus Pandemic is not the L Train tunnel nor is it the Second Avenue Subway. Bashing your way through, headless of downstream effect,s is both dangerous and, in some cases, irrevrsiible.

Yes, de Blasio announced plans to help kids during the school shutdown, but mostly they were plans about plans. And woefully inadequate.

And several dozen Regional Enrichment Centers will open next week, according to de Blasio, helping public service workers with childcare usually handled by schools.

Who believes the lumbering New York bureaucracy can set up several dozen anythings in a week? With even a single day of prior notice.

The first 25,000 iPads set for this weekend… Who gets ’em? And then, what are the other 275,000 kids supposed to do?

But that’s nothing compared to what de Blasio did to businesses…

Beginning at 8:00 pm. on March 16th, all New York nightclubs are closed and restaurants forced into takeout and home delivery only mode.

Tens of thousands lose their jobs overnight, but there are no plans to compensate them. Nothing in place to feed them and their families. Also, nothing to pay their rents and mortgages

And this change may be permanent for many because some businesses will fail under these conditions. That includes businesses simply associated with the nightclubs and restaurants.

Rents go unpaid with vastly reduced revenues ruling the day. Many will not function, never set up for this style of operation nor reinforced with supplies.

Unlike the school closings, neither Cuomo nor de Blasio announced even flimsy plans to rectify the instant damages, to pay laid off workers or otherwise mitigate massive damages.

And by the time this is over — wait and see — faith and trust in government will have hit an all new low. Thanks to New York’s unnecessary coronavirus turmoil.

When we needed clearheaded leadership, we found none up at the top.

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