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CANCELED:Forgotten Peoples: Four Freedoms Park


Forgotten Peoples at Four Freedoms Park opens spring with a six-part choral cycle by composer Veljo Tormis. It honors the heritage of Louis Kahn.

April 4th is the date. The time: Noon to 2:00 p.m.

Location: The steps of Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park.

Collegium Musicale Chamber Choir presents a pop-up concert, supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and Consulate General of Estonia in New York.

Tapered Lawn, FDR Four Freedoms Park
Seen in the serenity of winter, the tapered lawn, designed by Louis Kahn, anchors Four Freedoms Park.

Louis Kahn, the architect who designed the park, was born in Estonia.

Updated throughout the day: Roosevelt Island News.

The choral cycle of “runic songs” honors six Finno-Ugric peoples, whose languages and songs have almost disappeared. These six small and ancient nations offer stories of their life and destiny.

Veljo Tormis (7 August 1930 – 21 January 2017) is one of Estonia’s most famous composers, renowned for his choral music. which exceeds 500 individual choral songs. The majority of his songs rely traditional ancient Estonian folksongs.

Forgotten Peoples at Four Freedoms Park

The six-part choral cycle Forgotten Peoples: Livonian Heritage, Votic Wedding Songs, Izhorian Epic, Ingrian Evenings, Vepsian Paths, and Karelian Destiny.

Forgotten Peoples opens the spring season in Four Freedoms Park, the first event after the calm of winter.

Other events will be announced as summer approaches and the park becomes more active.

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