Sanders struggled in Nevada… how’s that a win?

Bernie Sanders struggled in Nevada… media calls a win, anyway.

Sanders struggled in Nevada, but as expected, mainstream media calls it a win anyway. Trump, Russians and New York Times are jubilant.

By David Stone

Updated, March 15th, 2020: Is Bernie Sanders Finished?

Just as when Bernie Sanders tanked in New Hampshire, mainstream media misrepresents the results. To hell with perspective…

“Senator Bernie Sanders won big on Saturday and is now the clear front-runner,” cheered the New York Times‘s Shane Goldmacher.

“What if Sanders has already won this thing?” The Hill.

But for sheer gall, you can’t beat, “After Bernie Sanders landslide win, it’s time for Democrats to unite behind him.” The Guardian.

But wait a minute — Truth: Bernie Sanders struggled in Nevada

In 2016, against formidable competition — Hillary Clinton — Sanders captured 47% of the vote in Nevada. At last count, in 2020, he’s at 46% and trending downward.

How is this a win, let alone a landslide? Better known and better funded now, Sanders could not even hold on to his losing results from 2016.

In 2016, he ran against one of the best known names in American Politics, a respected diplomat and senator, Gallop’s Most Admired for years in a row. This year, he’s tackling an aging Dobie Gillis and Boy Wonder.

I like Amy Klobuchar, and if I had to go with a progressive, it would be smart one who knows how to make friends, Elizabeth Warren.

But neither have penetrated the deeply American prejudice against ceding women political power. Remember, Americans have been anti-woman for so long, we gave African-American men the right to vote a half-century before any women.

Truth: Bernie Sanders’s alleged big wins come against sparse competition, and he stands no chance in the general election.

And that’s why Trump and Putin like him… but the Times

Trump already Twitter-mocked intelligence findings that the Russians favor himself and Sanders. He also favors Sanders, as does the Times, just not for the same reasons.

A masterful politician, Trump knows, as I explained in Mike Bloomberg: Buy This Election. Please., Sanders is by far his weakest competition. His spirited support of communists, human rights violators, kookie medical theories and the NRA will haunt him like Stalin’s ghost.

The slightest discernment tells you that Trump and his allies are loaded for bear and ready to shoot as soon as Sanders wins the nomination. The Entertainer in Chief has all his rally jokes ready for Sanders.

And the Russian support Sanders gets while running against Dobie Gillis and Boy Wonder will evaporate.

…and the Times, Guardian, The Hill, etc.?

A Sanders/Trump contest is money in the bank, plain and simple.

The mass media learned in 2016 the value of a Trump Bump. The more outrageous the Entertainer in Chief plays it — and the media repeats it — the more readers.

Click bait alert: More readers = more ad revenue.

And if you don’t think ad revenue means more to them than straight news, you missed the lessons from Willie Sutton* and Randolph Hearst.

Not to mention H. L. Mencken: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

Or the willingness of the mass media to do anything for a buck.

*Willie Sutton was a serial bank robber. Arrested again after serving a prison term, he was asked why he kept robbing banks. “Because that’s where the money is,” said Willie.

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