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Dear Mike Bloomberg, Buy This Election. Please.


Dear Mike Bloomberg, buy this election. Please. The remaining Democratic field is mostly hopeless, and the leader, Bernie Sanders, is Trump’s pick. Guess why?

By David Stone

Mayor Bloomberg, Mr. Bloomberg, Mike — whatever you prefer — I ask you to save the Democratic Party from the results of its worst impulses. Political correctness and pandering pipe dreams have it careening down toward defeat.

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And four more years of Trump, which would please our mainstream media and a minority of Americans.

Mike Bloomberg, buy this election. Please.
Mike Bloomberg, who, with any luck, will buy this election.

Look, I’m counting on you, Mike.

Mainstream media — the TV networks, print and network news feeds — treat this important election like a reality show. Debates feature hangry dogs seeking the freshest meat, substance out the window.

Next day reporting features writers scoring the debates like Olympic events. But not about the political athletes’ skills at explaining policy. No, it’s about who landed the best jabs, who parried well…

Just this morning in the New York Times, in yet another rambling, unfocused piece, Gina Bellafante took you to task:

“That (Bloomberg) did not appear to expect this level of combat from a former Harvard Law School professor so ideologically opposed to his worldview was perhaps the clearest indicator of his arrogance.”

Ginia Bellafante
New York Times

That’s right. You didn’t come ready for a cock fight. Deciding in advance not to get into the attack dog business, in other words, acting like an adult, was your big flaw.

The New York Times’s Arrogance Meter…

It’s arrogant to act like a grownup, according to the Times.

No wonder Americans are poorly informed, and the best entertainer among them currently sits in the Oval Office.

Before you entered the race, I wondered which candidate was most likely to give us four more years of Trump. Looked like Bernie.

And Bernie is Trump’s favorite. The president even parrots Bernie’s line about how the party rigged the election against him. In revival from his crybaby 2016 campaign. Bernie’s the only Democrat for whom Trump’s sympathized, to the best of my knowledge.

Now, we find that the Russians like Bernie best too.

Now, guess why…

Bernie Sanders, the best candidate… for Republicans…and Russians

Mike, I want you to buy the election because Bernie is the most vulnerable candidate, except for, maybe, Bill de Blasio. And Bill ain’t coming back.

Republicans are hands-off on Bernie, so far.

But don’t be fooled. They’re loaded up and ready to fire, just not until he wins the nomination. Don’t let him — or them — do that.

Attacking Hilary Clinton, Republicans just made shit up. With Bernie, that’s not necessary, but chances are, they’ll do that too. They’re good at piling on.

Why Trump Wants A Contest With Bernie Sanders

Let’s review Trump’s fuel…

  • Sanders repeatedly praised Fidel Castro.
  • In 1985, he attended a Sandinista rally in Nicaragua where they chanted “Here, there, everywhere, the Yankee will die.”
  • The Sandinistas committed gross human rights abuses. But Sanders said he was “impressed” by their leaders.
  • As mayor, he named his softball team, “The Peoples Republic of Burlington.”
  • And Trump already leaked in an interview that Sanders and his wife, Jane, honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

These are facts. Well-known. Documented.

And don’t even look into his medical opinions.

“The manner in which you bring up your daughter with regard to sexual attitudes may very well determine whether or not she will develop breast cancer, among other things.”

Bernie Sanders
The Freeman, 1968

Imagine the fun Trump can have at MAGA rallies with all that.

While Trump slams Adam Schiff, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren with grade school level name-calling, he oozes concern for Bernie.

Man would Trump like to get his licks on Bernie in the general election ring. But not now because he wants him nominated.

Mike, you need to buy this election before Trump helps Bernie steal it.

Mainstream media is again Trump’s partner in crime…

Mainstream media learned from the 2016 “Trump Bump.” The bandwagon fed by polarity, not depth or facts, rolls along again in 2020.

How else explain the universal claim that Sanders won something in the New Hampshire primary when he tanked?

That’s right. Tanked. He collected less than half the votes in got in 2016. How is that a win?

Only with the New York Times and fellow travelers.

The same journalists who in repeated Trump’s every Twitter brain fart like it was a message from God are at it again. The president says something ridiculous, and they gobble it up like cotton candy.

Our mainstream media stalwarts feed you and me to advertisers by stoking a Sanders/Trump contest.

The rest of the field…

In general, all the candidates play into the dog fight narrative as serious politics devolve into reality shows.

Mike, you need to buy this election because it’s not a reasonable contest.

Unless tearing down everyone else is the best way to uplift your chances.

Take Elizabeth Warren, for example.

Warren’s done good work. Lots of it, but so have you.

Instead of talking about that in the debate, she raised a handful of boneheaded, snarky comments from yesteryear to universal consequence.

But where’s the context?

Mike, your work helping women and minorities far exceeds what the other candidates have done in total. Warren dismisses all that because you made some stupid quips.

Somebody’s values are skewed.

Yes, I mean you, Elizabeth, and Dobie Gillis… er, Joe Biden, too.

Mike Bloomberg, Buy This Election, but…

The thing is, you can’t. If buying elections is possible, why wasn’t there a President Ross Perot or Steve Forbes? And why isn’t Tom Steyer still on the stage?

Come on, now, people.

You can buy access to get your message across in commercials, but if your message sucks, you might as well flush it.

And that’s what’s bugging the hell out of your competitors. Including Trump.

Your message resonates. Your record is solid. Americans like it.

The attack dogs whipped into hangry rants by their media handlers do not. And that’s a compliment.


  1. David,
    Shame on you for weighing in on US Presidential election!
    Unprofessional, unreported, and unsupported.
    Journalism should be unbiased and factual – in this instance, you have failed on all accounts.
    Please refrain from expressing your personal viewpoints through this mass distribution. Or, at the least, present/offer alternative viewpoints.

    • Not a fan of free speech, eh? Everything here expresses my personal viewpoints. You’re welcome to submit an alternative. I’ll consider publishing it, just as I do with anyone else.

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