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Bernie Sanders Tanked New Hampshire in 2020


Bernie Sanders Tanked in the New Hampshire primary in 2020. So, why isn’t the mass media telling us the truth about losing half of his supporters?

By David Stone

Update, March 15th, 2020: Is Bernie Sanders Finished?

As many realize, the media deals in narratives, not necessarily truth. Journalists wind out stories to please editors and, just as much, advertising departments.

This doesn’t fully explain all the misguiding coverage of Bernie Sanders, but a good chunk of it.

First of all, Bernie Sanders did not win the New Hampshire 2020 primary. He barely edged out Pete Buttigieg, a small town mayor with barely a year’s worth of national exposure.

Sanders has held major office in neighboring Vermont for over twenty years, with overlapping news coverage.

Bernie Sanders New Hampshire 2020
Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire 2020? He tanked.

In fact, in 2016, the mass media narrative was that he won, pulling 60% of the vote over Hillary Clinton, because of that neighborhood advantage. 151,584 votes won him 16 delegates to the national convention.

That really was a win.

So what happened to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire in 2020?

Forget the Sanders Wins day after headlines. That’s the mass media feeding the story that they want you to buy into.

Think of it as how, in 2016, they hung onto the “Hillary’s emails,” nothingburger of a story. Along with any other trash Trump twittered.

None of it was significant, outside the mass media echo chamber, and as for the tweets, Trump played the mass media like a xylophone. “Here’s the note for today. Now, dance!”

I’ll repeat, “Bernie Sanders did not win the New Hampshire Democratic primary in 2020.”

In fact, he tanked.

Remember the 151,584 votes he pulled in 2016? Well, he got about half that in 2020. At last count: 76,284.

You barely need to be awake to do the math. At least half the voters, roughly 75,000, who voted for him in 2016 dumped him in 2020.

How is that a win?

Why? You may ask

And I have an answer: I don’t know.

What I do know is that he tanked and did so big time.

One friend blames it on increased competition, but how could anyone be stronger in 2020 than Clinton was in 2016? She was formidable. She had money in the bank, and she was as well known as anyone in the country.

But she pulled only 38% against Bernie.

It’s your guess about why Bernie Sanders tanked in 2020.

But for the sake of fairness in political coverage, I’d be more concerned about the mass media’s continuing failure to report the truth. Calling a clear loss a win is about as discolored as it gets.

Maybe, they need some other way to please their advertisers than creating false, inflammatory narratives.


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