Why RIOC PSD’s $8K Boost?

Why are RIOC’s PSD Officers Getting $8K Base Pay Hikes?

Why is RIOC’s PSD budgeting an $8K boost for every uniformed officer? The proposed 2020 budget sent to Albany includes that uptick in pay. But the reason is not well-known.

RIOC PSD Officers getting $8K Boost
Two PSD officers welcomed at Island House’s Halloween party.

In its budget for next year, RIOC corrects a burdensome shortcoming, if Albany approves. Like other state agencies, RIOC must run the annual budget gauntlet before the fiscal year starts on April 1st.

Yes, April Fools Day, and that state budget often adds to the shenanigans.

But what’s RIOC PSD’s $8K boost all about?

In a committee meeting, last fall, RIOC president Susan Rosenthal explained the boost as a fix, not a bonus. Simply, salaries for public safety officers are too low to keep a stable staff on board, and that’s the problem.

PSD officers gain training and experience on Roosevelt Island, but then, they move on, taking the value with them.

Asked how the pay levels got so out of line with competitors, Rosenthal said she didn’t know. But past PSD Chief Jack McManus as well as current Chief Kevin Brown, NYPD veterans, lobbied for the upgrade.

Note: most RIOC pay rates, including those for executives, lag private sector rates.

The target, Rosenthal said, was aligning PSD starting pay with that of NYPD rookies. But salaries will diverge, thereafter.

Chief Brown’s $125,000 salary will not be similarly increased, although it may lag along with that of the officers in his command.

The RIOC PSD budget for 2020 lists separate $8K boosts for each itemized position. The base jump combines with current salaries, which honors seniority and other factors already in the structure.

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