Happy Flashback: Island House Halloween Party, Lobby Opening, 2019

Happy Flashback: Island House Halloween Party, Lobby Opening, 2019

The Island House Halloween Party arrived with fun, food and games just in time to celebrate a completely renovated lobby. Adults indulged with kids as age barriers melted.

By David Stone

At the Island House Halloween Party, a guest approves her photo.
Thumbs up says she likes the photograph taken with his cell phone.
Island House Halloween Party Cake
On Friday, we told you about Island House’s new lobby, shown here on a sheet cake, but we left the rest of the party for its own feature.

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Island House Halloween Party
At a party recognizing heroes, a nurse (Island House property manager Richelle Neufville), appreciates a photo from the party she helped organize.
Island House Halloween Party
At the Island House Halloween Party, when dressing up a fairytale unicorn just isn’t enough… Face-painting by a good witch does the trick.
Island House Halloween Party
Mom and daughter — who’s having more fun?
Island House Halloween Party
Smartly planned, the lobby opening and Halloween party offered plentiful nutritious food.
Island House Halloween Party
And continued with generous stacks of cheese and crackers, nuts and berries. But “delicious pizza from Piccolo Trattoria” may have been the favorite.

The Island House Halloween Party, all about kids… of every age.

Island House Halloween Party
Variety in costumes, pleasures and ages marked the event as special.
Island House Halloween Party
If you’re little and green, you might momentarily feel a little lost.
Island House Halloween Party
Popcorn was non-stop, and the grownups kept smiling.
There was no age limit for heroes. All were welcomed.
Not in costume — RIOC’s Public Safety Department had fun enforcing the laws of the party. They made sure everyone smiled.
The long and the short of it at the Island House Halloween Party.
A motley guest list pauses for snacks.
No party happens without the organizers: Candee Chusid, James Starace, Richelle Neufville and Amrah Cardoso. Thanks!
Meanwhile, one happy guest is still amazed at how big everyone else is.
Last but not least, a special guest, a renovated lobby that serves residents long after the party ends.

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