Looking north from the saturated landing, East River ghosts swirl up, undisturbed by wind.

CCNYC Grants for Community Groups


CCNYC grants for community groups offer $2,000,000 for “initiatives aimed at improving the local quality of life.” Here’s how to get our neighborhood a slice.

CCNYC Grants for Community Groups
Roosevelt Island is one neighborhood that abounds with groups pitching in to improve everyday lives.

On our East River slice of rock, a community garden brings nature closer, and live theatre enriches culture.

But lesser known groups aid the disabled, seniors and citizen action.

“Grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded for neighborhood improvement projects planned and executed by local residents,” CCNYC says in its press release.

And yours need not be an official 501 (c) (3) to earn an award. If you can change a neighborhood for the better with a great idea, apply for some cash.

CCNYC Grants for Community Groups: How-To

Whether it’s “more green space, access to fresh food, after-school or cultural programs,” learn more and apply for 2020 Neighborhood Grants online here.

Need more info? Here’s where to go: Arif Ullah, Director of Programs, at at aullah@citizensnyc.org or (212) 822-9580

And don’t miss this bonus…

CCNYC grants for community groups has a first time special. There’s a small number of catalyst grants of up to $10,000 to groups on a growth trajectory looking to widen their impact.

Don’t miss out. Get your grant requests in by January 20th, and bring some support home to our community.

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