How an Indonesian Fire hits New York City…

It is with very heavy hearts we announce that Presbyterian Orphanage in Tomohon, where we found Mathew Tendean Luce 24 years ago, was burned to the ground,” wrote Roosevelt Island based humanitarian Jim Luce. No children were harmed, but there’s a surprising twist.

Indonesian Fire Hits NYC
Mathew Luce, center, at 2019 awards ceremony for Young Global Leaders.

After Indonesian Fire Hits NYC

The surprising turn…?

Mathew agreed to return to Indonesia, and he spearheads reconstruction efforts, Orphans International Worldwide announced.

How OIWW started…

Jim Luce sees philanthropy from both ends of the telescope, we wrote here in 2016.

He talks about the expansive growth of Orphans International Worldwide and it’s evolving work, but he never strays far from 1995. It’s the day when, on impulse, he dropped in on an orphanage in Indonesia.

This was long after the concept of warehousing children in orphanages ended in America.  But sidetracked in Indonesia, finding conditions even worse than he imagined, Luce came face to face with an irresistible ten month old boy. 

“They had no toys,“ Luce later recalled in a conversation with the Main Street WIRE.  “Their clothes were full of holes. The place was clean but unbelievably poor.”

The children’s conditions were so dire that, when Luce was allowed to remove the “irresistible ten month old boy, they asked that he leave the ragged shirt the child was wearing behind. Another child needed it.

Flash forward twenty years, and the infant Luce adopted in Indonesia, Mathew, attends college and serves on the board of Orphans International Worldwide.

Indonesian fire hits NYC and changes everything

On Sept. 12, 2019, Nazareth Presbyterian Orphanage, home to over 60 orphaned children, burned down to the ground.

All of the children were rescued, but the fire left them homeless.

Now, Orphans International Worldwide asks for your help. Will you help Mathew Luce rebuild his first home?

They need $25,000, and fundraising started already.

Donate online here. Or mail your check to Orphans International Worldwide, 540 Main Street #418, New York, N.Y. 10044. 

Help Mathew Luce rebuild after the fire.

Here’s how:


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