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NYC Sunset Wall of Fire


You could sell NYC Wall of Fire Sunset as the apocalypse rising in the west to devour the city.

NYC Sunset Wall of Fire
NYC Sunset Wall of Fire…

Trailing thickened, rough-edge clouds, a wall of fire grows large, approaching New York City.

Sunset reversed. When darkness should be thickening, a blaze of yellow rises instead. Massed blue-gray clouds with fast-changing undersides lower over Upper East Side high rise, residential towers.

What’s going on?

We saw a fiery sunrise trapped in the same skyline, but that day went on. And, we’re all still here.

The reverse is more complex. Instead of darkness at sunset, we got increasing light, fiery and threatening.

But the threat’s not what it looks like. The wall of fire continued to rise over Manhattan. Lightning crackled down from ragged upper rim of the wall past the highest towers.

Finally, a dense curtain of rain, not fire, drenched the cross-hatched of planned streets and avenues.

It was ephemeral.

Ten minutes later, that fiery wall gave way to clear skies as a proper sunset evolved.

Some scattered, thin clouds played patterns over the skyline, and as night gathered strength, they went black against the pale blue west.

You can never be sure what’s coming, and it’s sometimes much different than what it seems.

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