New York City Sunrise: Fire in the sky

What is startling about New York City Sunrise: Fire in the sky is that it faces west, not east. Early morning clouds catch the rising sun like a fireball crossing over Manhattan.

New York City Sunrise: Fire in the sky
Unforgettable New York City sunrise, fire in the sky..

Testing the varieties of light over the metropolis, Fire in the sky matches another morning when a golden sunrise bathed the same location.

That natural event was captured by fine art photographer Deborah Julian. Her Equivalents takes a different dramatic look at the powers of the built city against natural sky.

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Most mornings, I watch the morning sky collect light as the sun takes control over night. Some scenes are spectacular.

I write early before others wake up and impact my day, but I pause when the sky to the west lights up my window.

Not only is every new sky original, changes are constant. Rays reflect off clouds from different angles as they move and the sun gets higher.

It is not always easy to get back to work, but deadlines press.

On this morning, it was especially hard. It was the first time I recall the western sky gathering up the fiery rays with enough intensity to almost mimic the east.

After lecturing myself to stick with my work for a minute or two, I gave in and went to the window to preserve this image for all time.

It can never repeat itself.

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