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Shoes: Real Time Photography


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Shoes: Photography in Real Time
Shoes: Decisions must be made…

“A decision must be made…”

That caption came to mind when I saw a pair of shoes left beside a doorway.

They were just a pair of shoes, but these were different. Especially in bad weather, people leave their shoes out. They dry alongside umbrellas.

Look closely. These brown wingtips go in opposite directions.

And, the laces are still tied.

Mixed up Shoes: Real Time Photography

I wondered, Why struggle out of your shoes? Why not untie the laces? And what’s with the opposite directions?

Is it me? Who else cares about these things? But it’s not really that I care. I believe the world is full of curiosities. I got that from being around cats.

Puzzles must be solved, but sometimes, you can’t. You just wonder.

Talking to a wall is a good example. I relaxed one afternoon on 23rd Street, outside Eataly, waiting for my wife. Listening to an audiobook, I noticed a woman slowly approach the solid wall of a building.

Inches away, she talked as if chatting with a friend, but the only visible “friend” was a sooty wall.

Never figured that one out, and Shoes: Real Time Photography became the latest edition of Ordinary Unsolved Mysteries. They aren’t prime time, but they bump me out of any ruts.

Life’s strange in very ordinary way.

David Stone

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