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Wetlands Alamosa Wildlife Refuge


The Wetlands Alamosa Wildlife Refuge, my friend Diana writes, “Just recently, I have come to experience the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge in an entirely new way.  Instead of sampling the sanctuary like a temporary visitor, I have found my own rhythm of belonging.

Wetlands Alamosa Wildlife Refuge

About Wetlands Alamosa Wildlife Refuge

In becoming a part of this vital place, I have been able to take in a much deeper level of sustenance.  Perhaps this is the real beauty of refuges.  More than just protecting and conserving natural resources for the benefit of wildlife, they can greatly nourish anyone who truly enters into them. 

This is not so much a review of a tourist attraction, or place, as it is a review of learning how to let a place enter into you in a way that feeds your spirit.

Renaissance Woman

Thus begins my friend Diana’s review of a naturally set wild land in South Central Colorado. Her post is filled with photos of landscapes and wildlife. You’re going to want to go there…

Note: Diana’s been a friend since my years writing for Squidoo, a great site destroyed by Seth Godin, its founder.

And a little later on…

The teacher in me wants to play crossing guard and get those precious babies across the road.  Children… it’s not safe.  Hurry!  My heart pounds when I think of how easily these young ones could be run over by a car.  Relief floods me when I silently count the chicks now on the opposite shoulder of the road.  Five.  Phew!  They all made it.

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