Art about the artist…


Art About The Artist

Art about the artist is a photo I took while visiting an artist friend in his studio.

Art about the artist...
Artist’s Day off, Canvas Print

He left his clothes, like pealing off some skin, neatly on and around a chair, when we left, carrying a large painting that ended up on my wall at home. Buy it.

About Valeriu Boborelu

“Bobo” is the artist who occupied the paint-splattered clothes a few minutes before I shot this picture. Here’s what I wrote about him in Get To Know Abstract Expressionist Valeriu Boborelu

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Frustrated with his career as a painter in Romania, Valeriu Boborelu won permission to paint in Paris in 1982. He accepted an offer and never looked back, migrating from France to the United States with his wife and working as an artist in New York ever since.

“Art is the happiness and joy of life.”

Art About the Artist: Valeriu Boborelu

I’m happy to say Valeriu Boborelu, better known as “Bobo,” is a friend of mine.

Bobo is a member and active leader at Gallery RIVAA, which is where I met him while covering art for the former Main Street WIRE. Along with contributing his own deeply inspired pictures, he volunteers his experience in setting up shows for his artists.

He’s usually joined by fellow Romanian emigre Ioan Popoiu.

Boborelu’s career began in his native Romania, and after an invitation to work in Paris, continued in the United States where he has lived and worked since 1983.

His imaginative and often intensely colorful paintings are expressions inspired by spiritual insights and passions.

Indefinite symbolic figures with historical references find their way into swimming, swirling worlds of acrylic on canvas. 

…and all find their way into Art About the Artist.

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