Don’t miss Le District


Don’t miss le District

A hint of French paradise downtown on the water…

Don’t miss Le District, if you’re coming to New York or if you’re lucky enough to be here.

Le District is a French food hall in Brookfield Place, originally the World Financial Center. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss, tucked in a corner, distractions in every other direction, but its charms make it worth finding.

Don't miss Le District

In the fall of 2001, I looked for the first time across the rubble, still smoldering, of the destroyed World Trade Center’s north tower. I saw that  the Winter Garden, directly between the doomed building and the Hudson, survived.

In the area? Try this: Up the Brooklyn Bridge

I worked in the area. I’d been in and out of the World Trade Center many times, but the Winter Garden, its high dome of glass, indoor palms, monumental steps and views of the harbor, was a favorite.

It remained while so much around it was gone. It was a small consolation, but in those days downtown, it was literally the only consolation.

Over the next decade and a half, the new World Trade Center was built. Tourist draws tied in with a previously chaotic transit hub connecting multiple subway lines and PATH trains.

There’s the sprawling Oculus shopping mall and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

The Winter Garden evolved as the centerpiece of Brookfield Place, accessed by a weatherproof walkway from the Oculus and transit hub. 

It’s clean and neat and visually thrilling. The transparent ceiling allows a saturation of natural light where upgraded stores and restaurants split off in each direction.

But Don’t miss Le District

Macaroon Stand in Le District.

The beautiful array of macaroons, previously spread out in pick and go bins, is now attended by employees who help you pack your treats for travel or immediate gratification.

We’ve always bought them for gifts when we travel, a piece of New York City with a genuine French twist.

When you’re in New York, you walk. Then, you walk some more.

Ice cream at Le District cools a hot afternoon.

Get recharged with Le District’s expansive Coffee Happy Hour.

The French know their baked goods and fruits, and both are in plentiful supply.

My problem is making a choice, since realistically you can’t eat one of each.

Can you?

You can sit in or take your food on an escalator ride upstairs to the scenic food court that looks out across the common area to the Hudson and Jersey City on the far side.

In nice weather, you can find a place outside where sea breezes sweeping up from New York Harbor moderate even the hottest July afternoon.

Let District is harder to find than you’d think.

Before we walked into the market the first time, my wife and a friend wandered unsuccessfully through Battery Park, unable to locate a single sign and aided, such as it was, by directions from NYPD officers.

So, here’s what you do.

Follow the signs from the Oculus and the World Trade Center transit hub for Brookfield Place. You’ll enter on the first floor of the Winter Garden. Hang a left around the steps and head for the water. Just before you hit the glass wall, stop and look to your left: Le District.

Alternatively, if you arrive at the Winter Garden by way of a walk through Hudson River Park or Battery Park City, take a right turn as soon as you enter and walk straight into the pleasures of Le District.

Then, make the most of this French twist on New York City.

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