Catwoods Porch Party


Catwoods Porch Party is one of my favorite blog posts. Black cats are special, and Franklin is especially. Here’s his life enriching story.

Catwoods porch party
Our friend and family member Max helping out with the computer. (Actually, it’s “What the hell are you doing with that machine when you could be playing with me?)

With a special affection for black cats, I love stories about the ingenuity and intelligence of these smart, savvy, intuitive characters and how vibrantly they live their lives “in the moment.”

Another black cat story with heart: Black Cat Senior Citizen

He’s just packed with energy, the most active young cat we’ve ever encountered, and we’ve known a few. He’s getting into everything and he’s scary smart. One night after turning in, I heard cellophane rattling all over the kitchen floor. I had no doubt it was propelled by Franklin, so I got up, took an individually wrapped biscuit away from him, and stashed it away. I’m not sure he really wanted to eat it, since the ingredients were wheat and two kinds of nuts, but a few minutes later I heard the same sound. Getting up again, I took yet another biscuit from him. Now I knew he had a source


I liked Catwoods Porch Party Franklin’s All Cat Post especially because of the great photos that captured Frankie’s spirit so well. Hint: you can always see it in a black cat’s eyes.

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