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YRB Interview with Jonn Nubian

See You Yesterday (Netflix) is a genre-blending drama that utilizes time-travel to examine the current issue of police brutality in America. YRB Executive Editor Jonn Nubian sat down with the Director/ Co- Writer Stefon Bristol, Co-Writer Fredrica Bailey and the cast, Eden Duncan-SmithDanté Crichlow, and Brian “Stro” Bradley during during the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival to discuss the making of the film.”

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YRB: See You Yesterday was a short 17-minute film. How did you expand it to a feature?

Stefon Bristol: It was always our plan to do the film as a feature. We did the short in order to raise capital provide a proof of concept for a feature film.

YRB: For Eden and Danté, how did you grow your characters grow from the short film to the feature?

Danté Chrichlow: I had to draw from personal experiences that were happening outside of the film. So while Sebastian was going to police brutality, there were encounters with the police that happened with me personally that I had to bring to the character to humanize him more. Also Eden and I have known each other our whole lives. After the short film, our relationship just got stronger.

Eden Duncan-Smith: I had an experience with some police officers back in school since we shot the short film. I think I carried that with me and that definitely helps with the character CJ.

I’m also a physics major so I had that knowledge to bring to the table also. I just got a lot closer to CJ since the short film.

YRB: What was it like building a rapport between your characters?

Eden Duncan-Smith:  I’m a hothead, and Dante always tries to make me smile. He’s always there for me and always trying bring the joy into my life. So I definitely appreciate that and it definitely shows on screen.

Brian “Stro” Bradley: For me personally, I was just glad to be a part of the project.

It just felt very welcoming and there was good energy on the set in general. Everybody was just there to do this best. That’s what you see on film too. Everybody plays their part really well and when you have that, you get a certain level of like excellence! So I was glad to be part of that.

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