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Dear Millennials: The Feeling Is Mutual


“Dear millennials: the feeling is mutual,” wrote Bret Stephens in a New York Times opinion.

Dear Millennials: The feeling is mutual

Bret Stephens is one of my favorite columnists. His columns are thoughtful and carefully written. This one rang my bell.

“The sensible center of America — that is, the people who choose presidents in this country — wants to see Donald Trump lose next year, but not if it means empowering the junior totalitarians of the left. 

“Earlier this month, a video of Joe Biden saying he had “no empathy” for “the younger generation” that “tells me how tough things are” resurfaced on social media. The video was over a year old, but it elicited predictable howls from members of the dissed demographic. “Nothing says ‘perfect candidate to lead the most powerful nation in the world’ like ‘I have no empathy,’” wrote someone with the Twitter handle @anarchopriapism.

“My own reactionary reaction was different. O.K., I thought, I could definitely vote for Joe — provided he has the mettle to stand his ground.

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