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How A Room’s Color Affects Mood


A Room’s color affects mood, but we’ve only begun to understand how we process color in our minds, create it, and how it influences what we do, think and feel. My friend Barbara Tremblay Cipak (best known as Brite-Ideas), wrote an article on the topic worth sharing.

A Room's color affects mood
Green inspires renewal.

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Brite-Ideas writes…

Did you know the colors you choose to decorate a space with will dictate the room’s overall mood?

In a recent article we talked about the basic rules for choosing color when you decorate a space. That article also discusses ‘Mood’ as one of the pertinent considerations.

So let’s review the Mood that each of the main colors evoke:

Red – Excitement

Red carries several meanings and all of them fall under the umbrella of excitement. Red represents rage just as much as it screams ‘I love you’. In other words, if you need a room filled with emotion, red should be your go-to color. Splashes of red can make a room calming. However, if you plan to feature a whole wall of red and other red accessories, ensure the room is meant for social gatherings. You might even encourage intense discussions and debate in a red powered room.

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