Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality by José Alberto Luzardo

I was eager to get my hands on an early copy of José Alberto Luzardo’s Spirituality: The Awareness of reality. Dr. Luzardo promised an original approach to the subject of spirituality, one that already houses a heavy dose of ideas.

His book did not disappoint me. The originality of Dr. Luzardo’s ideas was more than refreshing, and that’s not an easy thing when look around this busy field of copycat and near copycat book ideas. The power of his book doesn’t stop there.

What distinguishes Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality is its reliance on real research into historical antecedents and by a reasoned approach to the evidence. That’s right. Dr. Luzardo counts heavily on making sense. Refreshing.

The core of his argument, as you might gather from the title, is that spirituality is not some detached corner of reality into which initiates escape the mundane. Spirituality he argues, and I agree, is an ingrained element in every bit of reality, not something that holds us above it.

“If we miss spirituality, we miss reality.”

Dr. Luzardo’s philosophical approach reminds us to not be distracted by superficial elements that can make us less aware. Even less aware, we don’t really lose our attachment to our spiritual selves, we only lose our ability to be nourished by the loving nature that informs all of reality.

Filled with anecdotes and references to, Spirituality: The Awareness of Reality, takes its mission the whole route by laying out in detail a practical spiritual practice routine to help readers gain greater access to their spiritual cores and, of course, the reality that is fueled by it. That practice is informed by “The Seven Pillars Of Spirituality:”

  • Emotional Recapitulation
  • Devotion and Prayer (Faith)
  • Body Purity
  • Mind Purity
  • Meditation
  • Deep Connections with others
  • Union With God
Readers will find a fresh voice remarkably informed by ancient wisdom and ideas that are a thoughtful digests of many merging streams.
Not yet released to Amazon or other booksellers, you can buy an early edition by going to the publisher’s website: Ardent Light. I recommend that you do so.


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